“At MatchCoach, our mission is to put great coaching in the hands of anyone who wants it—anytime and anywhere.”

— Chase Bartlett, CEO & Founder at MatchCoach


At MatchCoach, we have a dream to change tennis coaching for the better. This starts by making sure that anyone who wants great coaching can get it, anywhere and anytime.

Historically, tennis has been an exclusive sport because of the barriers that prevent players from accessing great coaches. (After all, not everyone is born with Richard Williams or Tony Nadal as a tennis coach.)

That's why our mission is to help all players connect with great coaches by changing the way that feedback is delivered.


MatchCoach's vision is that no one gets left out. By offering great coaching that is designed to match your game, goals, schedule, problems, and budget, we help everyone get what they need to reach the next level.

In the short term, this means doing our best to create a functional marketplace for personalized match coaching. 

In the long term, our vision means that we aspire to make great coaching more affordable than ever, to more people than ever, by using technology to help people get the information they need to achieve their goals.

While tennis coaching is a core aspect of who we are and what we want to accomplish, we hope to one day create a bridge between people and experts in many different fields. So whether it's hopping on a video call with a renowned sports psychologist or getting feedback on your swing from a technical expert, we're taking steps to make tennis more inclusive.

Thanks for joining us on our journey.